Professional Highlight DVD

With your talent and our knowledge, we can produce a highlight video for your team or for your players that can be sent to college coaches or be used as the centerpiece for the season-end banquet!

Increased Competition

reel1 pngWith increased competiton on college teams, you must make yourself stand out. You can begin by presenting the coaches with a well-crafted and professional DVD.


The best way to end the season is with an exiciting "greatest hits" of the year video. Your banquet will be the best attended and parents and players will have a keepsake. You can even sell copies for fundraising!

Free uploading to YouTube and Vimeo:

film visual 80x50In addition to 10 DVD and cases, we will convert your highlight video to MP4 file and upload it to Vimeo and YouTube. We will give you the file and the link so you can quickly email the film to potential schools.


Our DVD's and cases are professional authored with your picture and information printed on the cover.

Compile your 20-30 best plays:

cameraYou go through your tapes and pick the best 20 to 30 best plays and mark them on the clip sheet. UPLOAD or Send the tapes and the sheet to us and we will edit a professional DVD with case you can send to coaches.


Send your best complete game and we will include that on the DVD with it's own chapter!


Whats New:

Our Color Circle technology

play buttonWith our "Color Circle" technology, scouts will be able to follow you before the play starts. Even if you move out of the picture and back in, we will track your every movement.

Updated: March 26, 2012

To Get Started with an Individual Recruitment Video


It's easy to get started, just have a friend, family member or coach tape your games, then download the Clip Sheet and Athletic Information Sheet from theDownloads page. Watch your game tapes and log your best 20-30 plays of the season. Send us an email before you upload or ship the tapes to us and we can give you an estimate of return delivery. We will edit those plays into one DVD that is 4-5 minutes long that highlights your play with our patented COLORCIRCLE technique so that the coaches can pick you out quickly.

When the project is finished, we will upload the movie to YouTube and Vimeo for you to approve. When you approve, we will ship you 10 DVD's in cases and the digital file so you can send them to potential coaches. All for one low price. If you would like more customization or more DVD's, just call or email and we can discuss adding them to your film.

Individual Recruitment Samples


To Get Started with a Team Highlight Film

To get started with a team's highlight film, go through each game tape and pick out the best plays of the year. Scoring plays are great but don't forget great team effort. Log the plays on the downloadable Clip Sheet . Be sure to fill out the Team Highlights Information Sheet and include any still pictures of the team. Contact us before you send the material and we can give you an estimate on time to complete. Make sure you include a player and coach roster as well as any special people that you would like to thank.


As with an individual video, we will upload the finished product to Vimeo and YouTube and give you the files so they can be added to the schools or teams web site. For more information vist Team Highlight Videos


Team Highlight Samples






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Your talent, Our videos!
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